There are 4 levels of reality. The 4 levels have the same Logical Tree1 shape and its reflection in the water.

  • At level 1, things are changing. They expand, they are countable (many), they remain always vague somehow (uncertainty), they live and die. It’s Cosmos.

  • At level 2, things everlast, don’t expand, are certain and uncountable (much). They are Angels.

  • At level 3, they are unique and opposite, like heads and tails. They are the Contraries : Acte or Puissance. Acte hangs out the whole Tree. Puissance occupies the reflection of the Tree in the water.

  • At last, level 4, there is only one Principle. It spreads all over the Tree and its reflection. Without any possible limit. It’s the Possible.

Each level is the unreachable limit and like the origin (the principle) of the former level. Therefore they are separate ( = transcendants). So, in reverse order :

  • Level 4, the Possible has no unreachable limit whatsoever. As it would be… the impossible.

  • Level 3, Acte or Puissance have the Possible in common. Yet, opposite3, each one cannot reach the other. That would be a contradiction. So the Possible limits one by the means of the other.

  • Level 2, each angel can be seen like a bird’s swarm, partly remained on the Tree, partly nested on the reflection of the Tree. As a whole, Angels flow like a trajectory, a bridge, suspended between the Tree and its reflection, but without meeting ends. Acte or Puissance are their unreachable limit.

  • Level 1, Cosmos beings are like a fuzzy move between Angels. Some parts are neat. Others vague. That the principle of uncertainty. That’s why they are not thoroughly knowable, why they are countable (many), why their perpertual change. Yet in so doing, they never reach angels, their limit.

Knowledge of a predicate in the Logical Tree « corresponds2 » to and with Predicates of levels. By picking Knowledge on the Tree, the Wise can manage to reach all levels of reality.

Here is summurized the Principles of ANY Metaphysics (as there is only one and eternal).

1: The Greek Basileus Heraclitus call that Tree : Logos. At first, Logos means what is picked (even before meaning spoken).

2: That  » corresponding » between levels is called : Homo-logy (= Same-Logos, which also means to recognize). Or Ana-logy. It is like a « tele-logic » correspondence between separate levels.