Summary : Godel’s Ontological Proof full demonstration

GÖDEL proved several theorems regarding Logics, as a science. These theorems are objective facts. The famous first Incompleteness Theorem says that there exists no theory embedding Arithmetics (Peano) which is complete and consistent (not contradictory). The present book is a formal development of another theorem : the ontological proof theorem, never published as such, usually mocked. One imagine easily why…

As a matter of fact, this theorem proves the necessary existence of consistent and complete theories; thus, the necessary existence of their unique « god-like » subjects ! Therefore ERIC BASILLAIS talks a priori about « gods »in the title of the developped demonstration:  » GODS ARE LOGICAL »

BUT, as another matter of fact, a closer look at these « gods » reveals they are just the Christian, Transcendant God, THEOS (after Aristotle) and Angels, following the exact definition of Catholic Church angelic and commun doctor : St Thomas Aquinas.

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